A Complete Guide to Choose an H7 LED Headlight Bulb

You must have already heard about LED lighting and its many advantages, especially in the automotive field. Are you looking for an H7 LED bulb for your car or truck, but a little lost among all the available options? It is true that manufacturers of LED bulbs for cars and motorcycles offer an endless variety of models and different products. What about light intensity? Vented/non-vented? check this guide to find out how to choose an H7 LED car bulb.

What Criteria Should I Use to choose my H7 LED Bulb?

If your car, truck or motorcycle is equipped with H7 bulbs, there are several criteria to consider when purchasing H7 LED bulbs.

The Luminosity of LED Bulb H7

First of all, you need to know what intensity of light you want. If you are mainly a night driver, then the more powerful the better. You can find h7 led headlight bulb kits ranging from 3600 to 8000 lumens depending on the product you choose. The higher the lumens, the more powerful the light diffused by the H7 LED bulbs. 8000 lumens is now the highest real output that can be found on the market. It is 30% more powerful than xenon.

Lighting Accuracy of the H7 LED Bulb

Then the lighting accuracy may vary depending on which H7 LED set you to choose. Some H7 LED bulbs are so precise that you can clearly see the dividing line between what is lit and what is not, allowing you to optimally adjust the headlights. This is also an aspect that you must not overlook when choosing your H7 LED bulbs.

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The Compactness of the H7 LED Bulb

The third criterion that is important is how compact, that is, the small size of the bulb, combined with its easy installation. Some H7 LED bulbs are more compact than others and therefore take up less space in the headlight. Practical, especially when the space in the headlight of your car, truck or motorcycle is very small. Note, however, that the more compact a bulb is, the less powerful it is.

H7 LED Bulb Cooling System

This brings us to our last criterion, which is often related to the third: the cooling system used. LED components need to be cooled one way or another. But the more powerful the LED is, the more it tends to heat up, which is why some H7 LED bulbs absolutely need venting to make them more powerful, brighter and better.