When eCommerce Website Design is Most Important

It is an understatement to say that eCommerce website design makes a difference in the way that the website performs on the internet. If you put in all of the effort to materialize a dream in the form of a website that is supposed to make money you probably want that website to provide the maximum amount of success that it possibly can…right?

When you create an eCommerce website and allow it to fail you are making that choice. There’s nobody else to blame for it when you know that you have a good idea and that people want what you have to offer.

The Way it Works

Selling products or services on an online platform is a lot of work. People may dream of setting up a turnkey website that generates an endless amount of automatic income, but that is rarely what happens.

Somewhere out there somebody else is selling the same thing that you are, only they are packaging it up in a way that looks much more attractive than yours.

In order to compete in the world of eCommerce you have to step up and above the competition to a place where everybody can see you. And when they do see you…you look awesome.

Taking Advantage of the Internet

If you want to create a successful online store you have to understand the internet…or at least pay people that do. Most of the people that look for stuff to buy, use search engines to find it for them.

Long lost and gone are the days of the huge telephone books with the yellow pages. The way things happen now is people either type or speak words into their favorite search engine.

Here’s what happens when they do: First of all, they are presented with a ton of options to choose from, depending on what words they used in the search. Don’t believe it? Go to your favorite search engine and type in the word “shoes”.  Take a look at all of the options that you have at your fingertips to choose from.

This is where the design of eCommerce websites can flex its power. It is not enough to show up in the search engines…it is a matter of getting people to click on the search result and pay a visit to the website.

If your web designer knows what they are doing they can build your site in a way that not only gets results in the search engines but also gives people a reason to choose that result as opposed to other ones.

The meta description of the page, the little accompanying thumbnail photo that sits beside the search result…the title of the page…and even the design of the landing page. All of this has to do with the odds of your website converting visitors from shoppers into buyers.

When your site is conditioned in a way that attracts people and inspires them to choose to stay on your pages…you have a winner.

Understanding the internet will help your website be visible and appealing in the search engines.

The Power of Design

When it comes to being successful with an online store there are several factors that have to be in place in order for optimum functionality.

  • The way the site looks
  • The way people find the site
  • The availability of items on the site
  • The ease of navigation of the site
  • The accuracy of the descriptions of items on the site

The first thing people are going to notice when they land on the pages of the website is how it looks. There is no way to avoid this other than to make sure that your design is awesome. The design of a website ultimately has the power to attract the attention of the user or to repel them and send them on their way.

Usually, within the first couple of seconds of landing on a web page, the person decides whether or not they will stay for another few seconds. If the look of the site is inviting, clear, and easy to understand chances are the visitor will stick around long enough to become interested in becoming a customer.

A good example is if a person does a web search for makeup and lands on a site that is listed in the results. Of course, you can assume that there are literally thousands of other options that the user can choose from.

If they have thousands of others to choose from but choose to visit your site before any of the other ones you have to make sure that your site gives them what they are looking for, and that they can find it without much trouble.

When they land on a website that is designed in a way that exudes trustworthiness and professionalism it makes it difficult for them to venture away and look for other sites. Give them what they are looking for, and they will be happy to find it.

The Secret of the Target Audience

The Most Important Design Elements Of An Ecommerce Website - Tribulant Blog

One of the best ways to determine the way to build and design the site is to understand the target audience as much as you possibly can before you even build the site. Figure out what your people want to see when they visit a website.

While some audiences may prefer bold masculine characteristics that boast power and influence, others may prefer a light and airy look that looks relaxing and comfortable. People shopping for women’s shoes will probably have a different point of view than people shopping for fishing equipment.

You can’t simply assume that if you build your site with a look that appeals to a certain group of people that it will automatically generate sales and make millions of dollars, but you can build, plan and implement the entire site based on what your target market wants to see.

From the colors of the images to the shape of the font there are literally thousands of details that can influence visitors to stick around or to look for another site.

When it’s Important

When eCommerce website design is most important is before the website is ever built. This is where many novice web developers fail to hit the mark. Research and forethought go a very long way in the world of internet marketing.

Finding the right keywords and implementing the proper design that fit those keywords is a very important phase of the creation of the site.

Understanding the target audience is one thing, but understanding the important keywords for the site and learning how various terms are put into effect by different types of people help to maximize the power that the site has when it comes to converting.

The images to use, the words to use in headings, the content to use in descriptions of the items, and the overall vibe of the site can be crafted to fit the needs of the people that are most likely to visit the site.


Against popular belief, eCommerce websites are created long before they are ever launched. A Skilled designer will use all of the tricks and techniques to design that a skilled marketer will so that the site results in high sales, not just good looks.